Padjelanta National Park

Padjelanta National Park and it’s trail, ¬†Padjelantaleden, may not be quite as well known as it’s more famous big brother, Kungsleden, but it remains a fantastic thru hike in Sweden’s Arctic paradise. You’ll find sweeping vistas of glacial carved valleys and wild rivers along with abundant summer wildflowers throughout the park in summer. And if you’re into packing light then you can hike cabin to cabin and leave the tent and cookware at home. Most of the distances between the cabins are from 10K to 20K, a modest hike with a light pack in the rolling hills.

As with all through hikes, you must decide where to start. In this case you can start in Kvikkjokk and hike North or begin in Ritsem and hike South. You’re in for an amazing hike either way you choose. Kvikkjokk is a great place to stage your hike and you can rest up for your big adventure and sample the local food at this fantastic mountain station tucked in beside a powerful Arctic river. Half way through your Arctic adventure you’ll arrive at the Sami village in Staluokta. You’ll want to refuel with some fresh smoked Arctic Char and take advantage of the sauna before you continue on the second half of the journey. There’s a great BD 10 map which you can obtain from Maps Worldwide.

Pack light, and enjoy your adventure in Sweden’s Arctic wonderland….

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