Hiking Kungsleden: Abiskojaure to Abisko


The hike from Abiskojaure to Abisko would be our last day on the trail so it’s bittersweet to say the least. Excited to greet the day’s adventure but a bit sad for the last day out in the wilderness with friends. I was up around sunrise and just soaked in the soft light of the [...]

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Hiking Kungsleden: Alesjaure to Abiskojaure


Hiking from Alesjaure to Abiskojaure would present quite an adventure for us and just a few laughs along the way. All the stuff that makes for a great hike. I was glad not to have been blown away by the high winds that howled through the night. My camping spot below the ridge and under [...]

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Hiking Kungsleden: Tjäktja to Alesjaure


  Sometimes it’s better to be lucky than good. I’d like to say that we looked at the weather forecast in advance and checked the wind predictions very carefully. But we didn’t. We looked at the terrain and thought a lot about where we would like to start and finish and  examined the BD 6 [...]

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Hiking Kungsleden: Sälka to Tjäktja


Was a fantastic early morning in the beautiful area around Sälka. Fog lingering in the river valleys mirrored the clouds mostly obscuring the surrounding mountain peaks. Winds were calm and fall colors added pleasing golds as far as you could see. Great time to be out around sunrise and just take in the  solitude and [...]

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Hiking Kungsleden: Singi to Sälka


The second night of our kungsleden adventure was a cold crisp night with an incredibly bright full moon rising from low on the horizon. Ice was still hanging on to the tent’s rain fly while I was crawling out of the sleeping bag to a cold arctic morning. The area around Singi was covered in [...]

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