Here are a short collection of links where you can find inspiration and resources to take your photography to the next level. 

Photographic Inspiration:
There is a long list of photographers who inspire me so here's a list just to get you started. 

Ansel Adams
Art Wolfe
Galen Rowell
David Muench
Josef Hoflehner
Clyde Butcher
Michael Kenna
Daniel Bergmann
Hans Strand

Favorite Podcasts:

The Candid Frame
Accidental Creative
Photography Roundtable

Favorite Blogs:

David duChemin
Photo Cascadia
Bruce Percy
Robert Rodriguez, Jr. 

Video Tutorials:

Sean Bagshaw Luminosity Masking
Luminous Landscape Series

Print Books about Photography:

David Ward: 1. Landscape Within 2. Landscape Beyond
Art Wolfe: 1. The Art of the Photograph 2. The New Art of Photographing Nature
Alain Briot: Mastering Photographic Composition
David duChemin: Vision Mongers
Jeff Schewe: 1. The Digital Negative  2. The Digital Print
Seth Resnick: D-65's Lightroom Workbook