Here are a short collection of links where you can find inspiration and resources to take your photography to the next level. 

Photographic Inspiration:
There is a long list of photographers who inspire me so here's just a few to get you started. 

Color Photographic Inspiration

Art Wolfe
Galen Rowell
David Muench
Eliot Porter
Daniel Bergmann
Bruce Percy
Hans Strand
Christopher Burkett
Alain Briot
Raynor Czerwinski
Jack Brauer
Paul Marcellini
Alex Noriega
Marc Adamus
David Ward
Ken Koskela
Josh Merrill
Erik Stensland

Black and White Inspiration

Ansel Adams
Josef Hoflehner
Michael Kenna
Clyde Butcher
Sebastiao Selgado

Inspiring Women Photographing the Landscape

Erin Babnik
Sarah Marino
Jennifer Wu
Isabel Synnatschke
Elizabeth Carmel
Varina Patel
Candace Dyar

Favorite Podcasts:

The Candid Frame
Accidental Creative
The Togcast
The Tim Ferriss Show
Outside Magazine Podcast
Malcolm Gladwell Revisionist History
F-Stop Collaborate and Listen

Favorite Blogs:

Photo Cascadia
Bruce Percy
Robert Rodriguez, Jr. 
Guy Gal

Print Books about Photography:

David Ward: 1. Landscape Within 2. Landscape Beyond
Art Wolfe: 1. The Art of the Photograph 2. The New Art of Photographing Nature
Alain Briot: Mastering Photographic Composition
David duChemin: Vision Mongers
Jeff Schewe: 1. The Digital Negative  2. The Digital Print
Seth Resnick: D-65's Lightroom Workbook