Create. Are you passionate about photography? Would you like to take your creativity to the next level? Then we would love to have you join us for a tour or workshop. From the very beginner to the seasoned professional our emphasis is on creative expression and developing a personal style. We’ll always cover basics and fundamentals but we want you to explore creative techniques and take your expression of the landscape to new levels. We also believe in getting it right in the field. While the digital darkroom evolves at incredible pace, we want you to master the creative techniques in the field first.

Connect. Taking a tour or workshop with us means we’ll be in some of the most beautiful places on the planet. Connecting to these amazing places will always be the starting point. We’ll share our in-depth knowledge of these locations and show you some of our favorite spots that are off the beaten path. Then we’ll focus on helping you with the techniques to express what you want to say about the place. We love to be asked questions and you can observe our workflow and we will work with you to help you make some inspirational photographs. We also bring a lot of enthusiasm to our workshops and see it as our mission number one that the entire group has a total blast. And we co-lead the workshops so you’ll get the benefit of two instructors with different styles and experience.

Inspire. It’s just not possible to be in the places we’re going without being inspired. Not only do we want you to learn new techniques and improve your craft, we want you to be inspired to keep going and apply what you’ve learned. We want you to keep pushing, keep growing, and to continue to create some great photographic expressions of the landscape. And if you do, we know that you’ll inspire others who experience your work. Be inspired and Be Inspiring.