Photographic art buyers and consultants

Please contact me and let me know how I can support your project with fine art nature images. Nature images have the ability to enhance an environment with timeless qualities for years to come.

I have an extensive catalog of images that have proven to be well suited for a variety of locations both residential and commercial. My images include in-depth coverage of Tennessee along with work from Colorado, the Southwest US and remote Arctic regions. Subjects range from the macro details of woodland wildflowers to the dramatic grand scenics of the Southwest and Arctic wilderness.


There is an incredible amount to learn and master in the craft of photographic field techniques and staying current in the digital darkroom. Contact me if you’d like consulting on a specific topic to develop your craft.

Definitely check out the upcoming group workshops and tour schedule

* Composition and creativity in the field

* Digital Asset Management

* Photographic development in the digital darkroom

* Printing fine art nature photographs

* Workshops and speaking engagements for photographic groups