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Iceland Photography: Hveravellir

Iceland Photography: Hveravellir

One of the areas we were really hoping to experience was the wild geothermal area of Hveravellir. The challenge is getting to Hveravellir in tact since it’s accessed by the 4WD only road called Kjölur. The interior road had only opened up a few days before we arrived and so we weren’t sure how much [...]

Fjallabak Nature Reserve: Iceland’s Wild Interior

Fjallabak Nature Reserve: Iceland's Wild Interior

Fjallabak Nature Reserve lies in the heart of Iceland’s wild interior. The psychodelic hues and the lunar like landscape are not to be believed. Of all the dramatic locations in Iceland, this may be the best. Set your sights on camping for several days in the Landmannalaugur region which is a great spot to stage [...]