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Photographic vision has been described as your unique way of seeing the world and what you want to say about it. Experiencing wild places impacts my emotions and I'm usually trying to convey a sense of wonder, gratitude and peacefulness. I often find myself in places of such beauty that the experience is hard to comprehend and feels somehow caught between the real and unreal at the same time. I enjoy photographing the grand landscape with a wide angle perspective the most but also find more creative expression while photographing intimate scenes. My style tends to lean toward simple, graphic compositions that use line, color and contrast to create a sense of depth and draw the eye into the scene. In the end, I'm hoping that others will find some sense of inspiration in the photographs and also hope that they will be inspired to spend time out in the wilderness and experience some of these places and moments for themselves. I think the more time we spend in natural areas, the more likely it is that we'll contribute in some way to preserving these gifts for future generations.   

Vision Statement: Wild areas are beautiful beyond words and must be experienced. They border between the real and the unreal and always contain mystery and adventure. 

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