Black and White Masters

I'd like to share 3 more black and white photographers before moving on to the world of color. One photographer you should already know really well and two you definitely will want to know. It would of course be impossible to talk about nature photography without highlighting the work and genius of Ansel Adams. Perhaps no other photographer has created a body of work that remains as timeless and recognizable as Ansel Adams. If I had to pick one photographer whose work sparked my own interest in photography, it would have to be Adams. I wonder how many others would say the same thing? The sheer breadth and depth of the man's work is just mind boggling. He was a master of light, composition, and of course the print. Of all his amazing images, I would have to say the Aspen trees are my favorite. There's just something about the iconic trees rendered in black and white under perfect light that just resonate on another level.

Easily one of the best black and white photographers currently working has to be Michael Kenna. His work is a bit of a throwback to the ancient film days, primarily because....he still shoots film! Not very many film holdouts left but I guess when you have the international acclaim of Michael Kenna, so what? His work represents why black and white is still so relevant in the world of color and digital. His images are peaceful, calming and not over the top. You're invited in to explore the image and look around. So definitely check out his work!

And one final black and white photographer that you definitely know is Mitch Dobrowner. His portfolio of storms in the Midwest is just absolutely stunning.

So please bookmark the sites of  these fantastic photographers and soak up some of the best black and white photography out there!