Arctic Photographers: Bergmann and Strand

Two photographers who do an amazing job with their native Arctic landscape are Daniel Bergmann and Hans Strand. Whether you're planning a trip or just enjoy images from this incredible region, you'll definitely want to check out their work. I've been captivated by the Arctic landscape for some time now. There's just something about the special quality of light and the pristine condition of the region that really resonates with me. Daniel Bergmann's work has inspired a lot of people to visit and photograph his native Iceland. I first learned about Bergmann through a popular web site called the luminis landscape. This was back in 2003 or so and at that time I don't think too many people thought of Iceland as a major tourist or photographic destination. But, that was then and this is now as they say.  The Icelandic landscape is like no other place in the world really and Bergmann's stunning photographs definitely fill your imagination about this extraordinary place. He photographs intensely and must know the wild regions of Iceland about as well as anybody.

Daniel Bergmann


I came across the images of Hans Strand fairly recently but am no less impressed with his galleries of Arctic images. He has a gallery of aerial images that is absolutely fantastic and provides a really unique perspective on the Arctic landscape in his native Sweden. He's also photographed in the high Arctic regions and in Iceland. All his images seem to have dramatic light and amazing color and really capture the essence of the Arctic.

Hans Strand