5 Tips for Fall Color

Fall is Finally here in most parts of the US! Check out a few tips before you head out into the mountains, forests, and canyon country to explore the amazing autumn colors…

  1. Use a Long Lens and Back Up!


Forests can be chaotic and hard to simplify or distill down to a cohesive composition. When that’s the case, take a few steps outside the forest and take out your longer lens. Experiment with 100-400mm in focal length.

2. Use A Wide Aperture


Using a wide aperture (f/2.8) can help separate your foreground from a busy background and abstract the scene using colors and textures.

3. Use Backlighting


Use backlighting for creative compositions. Stopping down to f/16 can create a sunstar to pull the eye through the scene and add visual interest.

4. Don’t forget the Pano


Fall is a great time to work on different aspect ratios, so experiment with panos in the 2:1 or 2.5:1 aspect ratio range.

5. Explore small scenes in soft light


Explore the soft light at the ends of the day and combine with intimate scenes.