Autumn in the Aspens Photo Adventure

Autumn in the Aspens Photo Adventure


From the Autumn in the Aspens Photo Adventure

" I will preface this by saying that in the past years I have been on a half dozen photo workshops led by the top professional photographers in the industry. They have been from the east coast to the west and many locations in between. I can say that without a doubt, Dusty Doddridge’s workshop was un-categorically the absolute BEST workshop that I have been on. None of the others come close. He was totally prepared, he made sure that you got the best photos possible, and did so with inspiring enthusiasm."

" Dusty was always there to answer questions, and continually provided input, suggestions, and encouragement. He has a complete understanding of all of the finer points of photography, including excellent composition, and is eager to share. He was willing to work with us on our digital darkroom skills with endless patience and guidance. His experience was a tremendous asset."

" I do not know how he could have been better prepared. He provided us with numerous handout packages covering all aspects of equipment, food, traveling, logistic, photographic capture and several digital darkroom approaches that were garnered from the best professional photographers in the field. I was not only satisfied; I was shocked at the thoroughness of his resources."

" Very Satisfied! Good God, I've got 2000 images and almost all of them are usable!"

--Henry S. and Tom B.

"I just wanted to take the opportunity to thank you for the amazing photo workshop Autumn in the Aspens.  The workshop exceeded all of my expectations and I cannot imagine a better forum, or format, for a photography course.

Not only did I end up with some amazing photographs, the skills and techniques I learned will last me a lifetime.  It took quite a while to sort through all of the shots we took, but the time we spent in Lightroom was invaluable.  I now have a library structure that is intuitive and easy to use and best of all, my defaults are now set the way I want them so it is automatic."

The "homework" you two did in advance of our outings was invaluable.  Starting with selecting the dates for "optimum" color and foliage, your advanced planning came through in all aspects of the trip.  You timed the color perfectly and the proof is in the amazing shots we all ended up with. It was quite evident you had scouted the locations, lighting and time of day in advance our actual shoot.  You knew what to expect at each stop we made and set our timing and location accordingly.  Everything from our sunrise shots in the Aspen grove where we focused on shading and shadows, to the breathtaking morning shots we got of the mountain range, was timed perfectly."

"Dusty was incredible at composing shots, and then sharing those shots with the group.  He went beyond just framing a shot to help the group understand why he liked the shot - lighting, depth of field, composition, juxtaposing of near and far or light and dark.  You were always one step ahead in coming up with "new" shots, but also encouraged us to use the technique we just learned to find our own shot using the same concepts.  As the week went on, you also did a great job of letting us wander and spread our wings as we practiced the skills we had been learning."


From the Escalante and Bryce Canyon Country Photo Adventure

I’ve taken three trips with Dusty and Josh and have walked away from each one feeling that I have grown as a photographer.  I consistently see the same level of dedication, enthusiasm, patience, and energy from them. Their photography tours offer a variety of photo options as well as the ability to split a small group between two leaders when needed. This allows them to offer choices that are customized daily as conditions and individual desires allow.  Their backgrounds and experience in landscape photography allow them to provide advice for the grand scenes, macros, and night photography.  They top this off with offering advice before and after the trip on gear, travel, education, and other general questions.  I have a fourth trip booked and plan to continue participating in their trips as they continue to vary their offerings. 

Greg V.

From the Iceland: Fire and Ice Photo Adventure

"I attended Dusty’s 2017 Iceland Fire and Ice Adventure in June...And something that I found incredibly unique (I’ve been on lots of photographic workshops) is that Dusty sent out a survey on the items that we were most interested in learning about and what our goals were for the trip.  I don’t know that I have ever been on a photographic workshop that focused so much on my personal needs and desires for this trip... We basically circumnavigated the island AND spent some time in the interior.  Dusty took care of all the details, did all the driving, kept surveillance on weather conditions and acted proactively when environmental conditions threatened safety. In the field, Dusty was particularly helpful at suggesting compositional angles, camera settings, etc but he was never overwhelming about those instructions.  He put a lot of emphasis on individual creative needs and so gave lots of room for us to explore our own individual objectives.  But whenever it seemed I felt stuck or lost on my ability to capture the scene the way I wished, Dusty seemed to magically materialize next to me, whispering possible suggestions.  It’s like he could pick up through the ether when someone needed his help and he would just appear!...I am looking forward to participating in as many as his future adventures as I can.  He is one of the most valuable instructors I have ever had and has become, I hope, a true friend."


"The Fire and Ice Photography Workshop in Iceland was an amazing and educational adventure.  Dusty Doddridge is an excellent instructor.  He provided valuable pretrip handouts about gear, clothing, how-to instructions for digital darkroom work, and an extensively detailed itinerary.  We photographed an astounding variety of subjects, from other-wordly landscapes, breathtaking waterfalls, and icebergs on black sand beaches to the beautiful Icelandic horses and much, much more.  Dusty is a wonderfully creative artist with a vast knowledge of photographic gear/craft to include digital darkroom techniques and workflow.  He patiently explained how to set up and capture the best images and how to process them in the computer darkroom.  After the workshop, he continued teaching through photo critiques online.  This was the most comprehensive workshop I have ever attended.  I highly recommend Dusty's workshops to anyone who wants to improve their field photography techniques and image processing in the digital darkroom.  This was my second workshop with him, and I will definitely be signing up for more."


From the Zion and the SW Photo Adventure

"I wanted to thank you for providing me with such a great experience on the Southwest Photo Adventure last month.  The help and instruction you provided me before, during and after the trip resulted in a portfolio of pictures that I could not be happier with.   I especially appreciate the amount of time you spent working with me on an individual basis to ensure that my specific goals, such as night photography and improved technical understanding of my camera’s capabilities were met. The compositions and sharp details in these pictures were things I could never achieve before the workshop.  The preparation, incredible and diverse locations, and easy, fun company also made this an exceptionally memorable experience.  The trip exceeded my expectations and I can’t wait to join you on another of your workshops!"

-Terry L. 

From the Great Smoky Mountains Photo Adventure

"I learned a great deal and , most important, had the opportunity to apply all the instruction in the many scenes you brought before us.  Your simple and straight-forward strategy approach to focus and exposure set the stage for an extremely successful learning experience.  I certainly had ample opportunity to put your instruction to use and produce some impressive and precise photos.  You made it so easy and it worked so smoothly."

" I could not have asked for a more productive photo tour.  The instruction, the photo ops, the camaraderie – all created a most treasured four days."

"Instruction and quality were excellent!"

-Gary S. and John P. 

From the "Composition: Art in the Landscape" Presentation

" I just wanted to say THANK YOU for the excellent presentation you made last night at the SANP meeting. I truly enjoyed it and came away wanting much more. I have never heard a presentation on composition delivered in the format that you used and for me it came across in a clear and concise manner. Your structured, systematic approach to taking a picture is outstanding. Your photo examples and the questions you asked about each of them really helped drive home the two points you emphasized all night-Design elements and Composition strategies. I have a few books on composition and they don't even come close  to presenting the subject the way you did last night. "

-Jim J.