Easily one of the best ways you can take your images to the next level is through improving your skills in the digital darkroom. After many years of exploring different techniques, I've developed a simple work flow that is easy to learn and repeat. My work flow is based in Lightroom for RAW image conversion and database management and then moves to Photoshop for fine control over image optimization resulting in a Master file. The primary goal is a fine print. 

I can teach you my workflow via Skype using one or two of my sample images.  I'll also include my written step by step instructions as a future reference. You'll learn the basics of luminosity masking, exposure blending and tonal balance, layer blending modes, creative high pass sharpening, and adding luminosity to give your images additional impact while keeping within your artistic vision and style. 

Usually two hours is a great start and a third hour for any follow up questions or additional strategies. 



Contact me to take your digital dark room skills to the next level !